What is Healing Dance?

Healing Dance is a powerful and beautiful aquatic technique developed by Alexander George in 1993. It consists of ten trainings. In seven, techniques are taught in which the receiver remains on the surface of the water. The three remaining trainings are subaquatic, featuring a variety of submergings. The guiding philosophy of the work is that...   ...movement is the "medicine" and in the experience of "received dance" the healing process in the body is activated.

Healing Dance® offers a variety of trainings for personal growth and professional certification as a Healing Dance Practitioner or Therapist. The 16 hour Introduction to Healing Dance may be taken as a one day Experience or as the entire Weekend, with no other pre-requisite.Healing Dance I and Healing Dance II count toward Practitioner status and are both "surface" work, with no full-body submergings. The Introduction to Healing Dance Underwater is a weekend course preparing you to take Above and Below and Shape and Space, Healing Dance's two underwater courses, counting toward Therapist status. Healing Dance 100 is a special course designed for spas and clinics, featuring head pillow and noodle work, the basics of aquatic bodywork and a selection of essential Healing Dance techniques. The Golden Oldies is a weekend course featuring a collection of favorite moves no longer appearing in Healing Dance I or II. Relating & Mirroring is a three day course focusing on the essence of aquatic bodywork, being present with the kinetic expressions and inner unfolding of receivers.

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